--- What's it like there for my dog?

It's like a second home in the country, with the fun and social atmosphere of a dog vacation camp. A small number of dogs stay together in our house as if they were our own. Years of repeat visitors have allowed long and wonderful relationships to form. The dogs eat, sleep and play inside. They have hours of playtime together in a well fenced half acre outdoors, in our country backyard with grass and trees. The idea is to have a balance of fun and safety.

--- Can I send my dog's own food?

Yes, dogs are fed their own food here so everyone stays on their home diet. Dogs are separated to eat.

--- Are dogs screened for their temperament?

Dog owners are interviewed regarding their dog's social experience and temperament. Our trainer/handler's many years of experience inform consideration of which dogs will fit well into this setting. New dogs are expertly acclimated with the current group. Generally there's no more than one or two new dogs joining in at a time.

--- Are there ticks?

Yes, though not as many as in an unfenced yard where deer can bring them in. Most owners send their dogs with topical tick protection during tick season (March through November).

--- What about dogs fighting over toys and bones?

Most dogs share certain kinds of toys and bones, and are inclined to be territorial over other kinds. These are shared or given alone accordingly. Please let us know if your dog has particular issues so we can change this appropriately.

---Do dogs ever get bitten there?

Rarely. In a free play situation it's impossible to prevent bites 100%. The group is screened, combined and supervised in such a way (with many years experience) that the chance of bites or other injuries is absolutely minimized.

--What if I have more questions?

Just call and talk about them, see contact page on this website.