--- How are dog obedience training and working with behavior problems related?

Basic obedience training is a great basis for all dog/human relationships. It's the foundation for a positive, balanced dynamic between dog and owner. It builds stability and confidence in your dog. From there, specific behavior issues (the things which are hard to live with) can be overcome.

-- How do you "fix" behavior problems?

I discuss the problem(s) with you first over the phone and help you as much as I can within about 15 minutes at no charge. If it seems like a home visit would really help, we can set up a time to work together. I create a strategy for you and your dog which, used daily, will make the difference. It will fit your schedule and lifestyle. You will see a change right away, and you need to reinforce it consistently. This is an educational process (and fun!). As with all change, new patterns gradually become stronger than old ones.

-- Do I have to change my personality? (I'm not a disciplinarian.)

You can keep your personality, just work with me on your new strategy. (If everything stays the same, the same things tend to be perpetuated.)

-- Can my whole family, or more than one dog, be in the session?

Yes. Who ever's involved is encouraged to be part of it.

-- How long does it take?

That depends what the "it" is and your own practice with your dog (which doesn't have to be allot of time, rather -- consistency!) It typically takes one to three sessions. You decide on how many by your progress and results.

-- How long is each session?

Usually an hour and 20 minutes. Give it a try!